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Woohoooo! *thud*
The live DVD recording for the new church album is complete!! It was awesome... 10,000 plus people packed into the Sydney Entertainment Centre, rocking out for about two and a half hours. Very very fun, very very cool... although we (alto section of Choir D) were placed in a weird position so the sound was kinda funky... but otherwise it was mad. The new songs are great. We're gonna dance dance dance in the freedom we know...

The stage during setup/rehearsal

Empty arena, and Josiah with his Starbucks.

And the new United CD/DVD (the one we recorded back in October) is being released next week! Yay!

Anyway, I'm going to bed now because I'm pooped. See?

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okay despite the weird face...you look GREAT Joy!! :) Love the necklace too!

*plots stealing it from you the next time I see you.*

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