yodge (yodge) wrote,

Stuff and annoying boys

Been busy busy busy! I'm now helping at "The Black Hole Canteen" with Fuel every Friday... we sell candy and drinks and t-shirts and whatnot. Hopefully hotdogs and sandwiches next week too. The poor kids get hungry.

Live album recording is coming up next week at the Sydney Entertainment Centre.

I fell on the stairs last week and hurt my wrist. I think it's the same impact injury I had when I fell rollerblading last year or the year before when my wrist went all funny and my palm got minced. So yeah, it kinda hurts, and the pain hasn't changed for more than a week now.

On a more positive/scary note - I've now had more than one boy tell me that they like my laugh. This is very odd to me, because I always thought I had a high-pitched laugh (and voice in general) that people always made fun of. But yeah - recently a dude I didn't know very well told me that he loved my laugh... for the second time. Aaaaauggh... insecurity. Then at another place, this other dude said I was all "Look at me! I'm sooo pretty!" (mockingly) and then the next week told me I was "incredible" and then continued acting like a 6-year old. Aaaaaugh a Stealth Flirt!! I don't know how to deal with them! Well, I don't know how to deal with flirts in general, I think. People telling me that they like stuff about me makes me all nervous, even though obviously I can't say that I dislike it... and I certainly don't discourage it... uh...

Now that I think aboot it (the first dude and my laugh), the only time a complete stranger has openly flirted with me (excluding the creepy 40-something man at the bus stop that one time who made me fear for my safety) was that waiter in Little India ages back who told me the same thing about liking my laugh... *goes to archive*... yeah, here. I guess what's annoying to some is attractive to others... Yay?

I mean, what if my laugh is actually a really annoying honk and it attracts weird people?!

*makes plans to record self laughing*
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