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How To Feel Young
I bought Hanson's new CD. HANSON!!!!! I feel like I'm back in junior high.

*bounce bounce bounce*

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Aahhh! Blond gril-bois!

I admit, I thought it was a gril bnad fro a lille bint.

How yousa been, Yowie?


Re: Aahhh! Blond gril-bois!

mesa goond, thnaks! yew?

hanson isn't a gril band!!!!!!!! LIES! SLANDER! FLAMES!

hey, the youngest d00d, the drummerboy, who was ELEVEN when MmmmBop came oot, is now NINETEEN. ARGH!

adn he's lal grown up and qyoot! eeeek!

i mentioned this to some fwends of mine, and they said "wot?! MmmBop was out EIGHT YEATS AGO?!?! wot wot wot!!!?!???"

wow. there are 12-yr old kids in the world who have NO IDEA who Hanson are. Who never bounced around to teh glories of MMMMBOP.



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