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MUTE MATH arrived in the mail today!!! *bounce* It's brilliant, as expected. Funnily enough, I ordered a t-shirt about 2 weeks before it, and that hasn't arrived yet. Hmmm.

Martin Smith (from Delirious?) and his wife spoke tonight at a workshop-thing before W&CA rehearsal about songwriting (him) and dance (her). Very inspiring. They're both cool.

Rehearsal was good, as usual. Learned some new songs for the album recording. We're recording in 2 weeks!! It's gonna be amazing fun.

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(Deleted comment)
i think they've generally quit pushing the 5... and in some cases dropped the question mark too.

mute math is the coooooolest.

U shouldnt put all the funny faces on, especially if u wanna attract guys. Bwahaha.....

Tried calling u btw.

Anyway, one of our new band members got a job as the blogger for Jason Mraz during his time at a music festival/gig in Singapore. Yes, he gets to hang out with Jason Mraz the whole time he is in SIngapore, watch him eat durian, chicken feet etc....


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