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Busy busy busy

Busy busy day! College as usual (the new timetable is weird! We don't get lunch breaks!), then a meeting with Ps Kim aboot my internship with the Asian Extension Service (aka "Asian"), then went home, then went to help Ange with Canteen for Fuel (Y6-Y8 kids). We made ice-cream sundaes! It was SO FUN. Sticky, but fun.

Then we had the Fuel meeting, which was absolute madness. A boy stomped on my toes and since I was wearing sandals, one of my toenails got flipped back. It really really really hurt. Anyway, now I have like a line of blood under my nail and a little fold-crease across it. I hope it doesn't fall off, because I'd like to keep all my nails.

Then after the meeting we had a free Krispy Kreme (yay!), sold more ice-cream and soda to the kids, then went to the movies. Just Friends was surprisingly hilarious. Ryan Reynolds' fat-suit rendition of I Swear is absolute brilliance.

Got in the latest ep of Veronica Mars, and now it's time for bed.
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