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Spent the night playing Risk after the Asian Service (my new weekend ministry for this term). It was my first time playing Risk. We finished at about 2am. Yikes.

But look!

European Domination!!!

I rule!!

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I will PWN yew at Risk!

Seriously, I am quite good. We should play some time if aye ever visit Oz, or the next time you come to Merkia!

I used to play with my dad until he was down to one continent, then offer to switch sides with him. "Nooo, I want this to be OVER!" he'd insist, but then I'd insist on switching. You never saw anyone so determined to annihilate Australia before.


Re: I will PWN yew at Risk!


oh i have no doubt that you'd win. that was the first time i'd ever played. sooo confusing at first.

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