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Pasta + TV
Orientation again today. It was SCORCHING hot. Crazy stinking HOT. I'm really tan now, though.

Anyway, I cooked dinner for four. Just pasta (butter, parmesan, garlic, bacon) and garlic bread. It was yummo. The BritTwins came over and watched Due South with Mel and me. They know what Due South is!! They KNOW! I didn't have to explain what the Mountie was doing in Chicago!


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I noticed your temps were higher than ours. Do you have water restrictions?

i think we do, but we really have no idea... how does generally get informed of these things?

it rained today though! thank God. it's a nice cloudy day today.

The local council should keep you informed. Usually it's a letter box leaflet drop - maybe they expect your landlord to keep you informed.
If it's really bad, and they change the level, the radio usually has notices too.

We're just at the *you can only hose the garden on wed, fri, and sunday* and *you're not allowed to hose the car* level.
Those with water tanks are happy, acos we've had lots of rain to fill the tanks - just not the dams!

Re: water stuff....

hmm, i checked the sydney water website and our restrictions are STRICT! we're only allowed to hose on Wed & Sun before 10am and after 4pm. No other form of watering (except watering cans) is allowed at any time. oh well, good thing we don't have a garden.

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