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A PhotoPost!
Cross-processed Lomo love, anyone?

Yoj, hangin out in the LOVE, JOY, PEACE declaration in front of the church. ("ECEAP! YOJ! EVOL!!!!")


Maroubra Beach

Singapore traffic

Christmas lights of Singapore

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i walays gnu yoj was eViol.

yam knot! eVol is more subtle than eViol.

"eVol" is french for electronic theft/flight.

eggstream subteeleetee.

you must explain to me what is going on here photography wise. Is it the camera? Editing? I love it and want to know how you get the vibrance (yes I just made up that word).

I think it's mainly the cross-processing. These aren't edited/Photoshopped at all - the colors are just totally wacked because I used slide film instead of normal print film, but asked the photo people to process my slide film as normal print negatives. and since slide film is normally processed as positives in different chemicals, the wrong chemicals make the colors come out bizarre. Cross-processing = FUN!

Did they have any hesitation cross-processing? I've only done it once, but that's because I was working at a photolab... I've always wanted to do more, but I am too scared to say "Hey, can you process these the wrong way?!"

nah - they were great about it. I just went in, handed them the slide film...
Me: "I'd like to cross process these as prints please."
PhotoDude: "Uh... you know the colors will be wacked, right?"
Me: "Yay!"
Dude: "Ok, whatever."


I love how the edges are darkened.


nice pics yoj! hehe! me like the first one...hehe! you shd have tried standing on top of 'j'
=P hehe!

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