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Reunion pics!!
High school reunion. Everyone looks exactly the same.

Yoj + Amy

Prom, Sunny, Baitong, Claire

Yuki, Chris, PartialYoj blocked by Amy's head

Pooja, Amy, Sunny

Yoj + Yuki

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Yew have amazzling fwends!
Where's the rest of the Broilerettes besides yew and AA and Yuki, though?

You know a dood named "Prom"?
Wot would have happened if he'd been elected Prom King?
Would have have been Prom King Prom?


Yuki ain't a broilerette. Pooj is! the others woz awaz.

Prom was lovely. dknot tease him!! actually it's probably knot his real name. hmm.

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