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Leeeeaving on a jet plane....
Well I'm done.

Spent the past few days with Ames at her lovely house out at Lakeside along with her family and 6 dogs and 6 cats. It was fun.

Had an official high school reunion thing. It was full of smoky drunken people. Pictures later. Went out and caught up with friends and ate cheap food and bought clothes and generally enjoyed Bangkok to the best of my ability.

Sitting in the Bangkok airport at the moment, waiting for my flight back to Oz. It's gonna be looooong. Grrrrrrr.

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Have a goond flight bax!

I forgot to tell yew to saz hello to the Broilerettes from Cwazy Hobbit Guz, but then, they never psot in hellyay!

Safe twip.

Glad you had a gret time in Bangkok!


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